PvP - System
by Decay,17/01/11

The 3rd Phase started about a week ago and many new players joined the battlegrounds of Eyrda.

To help all the new players and even the old ones to fully understand the PVP - System of Forsaken World here are 3 really helpful resources you might consider reading.

Surviving RPK
- A guide on how to behave during and after PVP.

PvP System – Soul Shattering
- This is a really helpful article off the official page posted by Crabclaw in which the Orb System is explained in more detail.

PVP in Forsaken World
- Last but not least a complete summary on all PVP mechanics in FW.

Always remember to stay polite and don`t offend your opponents!
Phase 3 starting
by Decay,12/01/11
Today`s the day the 3rd FW Beta Phase is starting!

With the new phase many new features will be implemented:
  • Level cap raised to 50
  • Item Shop activated
  • Each player gets free CS Currency worth 40$
  • New lvl 50 content

Additionally to the new features a new wave of keys was sent out. This marks the point of the last phase with participants being randomly selected and the last phase of closed beta.

Remember that at the end of the 3rd phase all content will get wiped and everybody with an activated beta key will get access to the 4th phase!

Due to the 3rd Phase Servers will be down from 11:00 AM PST until 1:00 PM PST for maintenance.

Source: Crabclaw
PWE reveals a new video preview
by Rhcpmikey,07/01/11
Perfect World Entertainment released a new video showing off the classes and races which will feature in Forsaken World. Besides that, more information regarding the job system is being revealed.

With phase 3 releasing in a few days, this video will help you choose the class that fits you the best.

Click here to watch the video
Happy New Year!
by Decay,31/12/10

The Tavern wishes you a Happy New Year!

Since 2010 is coming to an end and 2011 already knocks on our doors, the Tavern Team wishes you a Happy New Year!
May 2011 bring all you wished for!
Floating Guild Bases
by Decay,30/12/10

Since it`s the second week after the first guilds obtained their floating bases you might be wondering "What`s a guild base" or "How do I get one?".

If that`s the case or you`re just curious about the bases you might check out the following links:

Guide & Information about Bases
This is a very good and detailed guide about the floating guild bases by Ashai, Co-Leader of Wicked.

Overview – Floating Guild Bases
This on the other hand is a shorter article by Crabclaw dealing with the bases and some additional information about them.
Merry Christmas!
by Decay,24/12/10

The Tavern wishes you a Merry Christmas!

The Tavern Team wishes you, your family and your beloved ones a merry Christmas.
This is the time of the year you spend with your dear ones and should be thankful for what you got.
We wish you all the best!