Beginner's Guide


Character Name, Title and Guild

One of the most important things in Forsaken World is your nickname or the character name. Each nickname is unique and can only be used once on a server. Therefor two can't share the same character name on the same server. People can recognize you by your nick and e.g. put you on their friend list. It's display below the title and guild.

By completing certain achievements, finishing quests or making certain progress ingame you can earn different titles. Some titles are race specific though. For example the title "Homeland Shield" can only be received by a human character. Kindred can't access it. By showing off different titles you can show your ingame progress. Titles are displayed at the top, above guild and nick.

Finally there's the guildname. A guild is a alliance of different players who share the same goals. If invited you can join a guild at anytime and any level. Each player also has the right to create one. It's displayed between the title and the nick.

Keep in mind that if a player does not have a guild, then the title will be displayed in the guilds place. Some titles could be mistaken as a guild, because they are the same color as the guild names.


Player Portrait

The player portrait is a quick and easy way to keep an eye on the state of your char. There are three different bars displayed: the Healhpoint ("HP") Bar, the Mana ("MP") Bar and the Soulforce Bar and each individually showing another value.

First there is the Health Bar. This bar obviously shows how much life your char has left. If your HP drop to zero you die. Second there is the MP Bar. Mana is used to cast spells with and if you don't have enough to meet the spell requierments you can't cast the particular spell. It's that simple. Last but not least there is your Soulforce Bar. Soulforce is used to cast special "Soul Abilities". It can be refilled by killing monsters ("Mobs") or completing quests. Both HP and MP can be regenerated by using potions or eating/drinking.

There is also a small portrait of your char pictured.


Character Info

By pressing "C" on your keyboard you can access the Character Info panel

There you can find all the relevant statistics and information about your character. Such as your crit rate, zodiac sign and health points.



The bag is really an essential feature for playing the game. In it you carry all the loot you find fighting foes, the quest rewards you get and the items you've bought from the merchants. It's divided in a normal, quest and trade section for a better overview.

By pressing "B" on your keyboard you can open it. The bag can be expanded with "Void Bags".


Friend List

The friend list is a handy tool to keep your contacts organized. You can right click a player portrait and select "Add" to add him/her to your friend list.

There is also a list for players you blocked ("Block") and one for the players who killed you in duel ("Foes") so you don't forget them and get your revenge! The hotkey for the friend list is "F".


Basic Skills

Each character - doesn't matter which class - has a set of basic skills. E.g. "Invite to Squad" for inviting players to your squad/party or "Vend" to open up a shop.

If you have a pet there are also your pet skills listed. "E" is the hotkey to open up the Basic Skills Panel.


Primary Skills

Primary skills are, in contrast to the basic skills, class specific skills unique to each class. Every class has many different skills that can be learned over time. The place for learning new or upgrading old skills is your Skill Tutor of choice. They are located in every major town.

To the right of the skill name is its level and if it's an active (you can cast it) or passive (only granting bonuses, not castable). On the left is the skill icon. It can be dragged into your action bars for easier access in battle. If you hover with your mouse over it you're shown an in-depth description of the skill.

For opening up the Primary Skill Panel you have to press "K" on your keyboard.


Talent Tree

After reaching level 20 you gain access to your Talent Tree. Each class has it's individual one, consisting of three different branches.

After advancing one level you gain 1 point you can spend in the Talent Tree. Leveling your talents requires a bit of planing in advance.

If we take the Assassin Talent Tree as an example you have a Venom, Edge and Shadow branch. You have to plan beforehand where you want to invest your points. E.g. if I'd want to build a Crit Assassin, which depends on critical strikes, I'd have to focus on the Edge Branch. If I would want to build a Venom Assassin on the other hand, which depends on damage over time and dark damages, I'd have to skill the Venom Branch.

The Hotkey is "N".



After reaching level 10 you have the opportunity to learn a job. There are many different ones to choose from, each focusing on another area.

You can level your job by performing it and you can learn new ones at the particular Job Tutor. For learning a new job you have to have at least 1 Job Point. You gain those by reaching a certain level (10,20,30 and 40) and completing the associated quest.

The Jop Panel Hotkey is "O".

More Info about Jobs at: Professions



One of the main aspects of the game is leveling and progressing with your character. This progress is displayed by your current level and the experience bar on the bottom of the screen.

The experience bar shows how many experience points you have already earned to reach the next level. You can click on it and a window will pop up which shows you the exact amount of experience you got and still need.

You may have also noticed the little golden arrow above the experience bar. This arrow indicates a special point. When your EXP reaches the designated mark, then you will be replenished -- your HP, MP and Soulforce will be fully recovered.

EXP Aid is a special help for leveling your char. You gain it by doing nothing actually. After being offline for more than 8 hours your character will gain a small amount of EXP Aid. This Aid can be traded for the same amount of experience points as you unfreeze it. To do so you have to pay some soul coins. The amount of soul coins you have to pay depends on how much EXP Aid you want to unfreeze and use. You can access the EXP Aid over the little cross over your player portrait on the top lefthand corner.


Gift Chest

You get the Gift Chest at level 1 by praying. It can be opened every 5 levels and contains useful items to support you on your journey.