God System



"This is easily one of the most ambitious features of Forsaken World, and the development team is spending a ton of time to ensuring that the system is entertaining, functional, and balanced."

Source: Jon Belliss

Players can become Gods themselves and join the ranks of Tytan, Illyfue and Vyda. The God System is an addition that makes Forsaken World a more unique experience.

Each week 10 players per server will be chosen to become gods. This selection happens on the basis of their achievements during the last week. Gods can also be challenged by other players and get dethroned by them.

As a god you'll get a set of various new skills and be able to enter an area reserved for gods only: the Divine Realm.



Gods can also be worshipped by the other players.

Doing so the worshipping players will become "believers" or "followers". This believers most probably will be granted several buffs for praying to their god. Keep in mind that you can follow only one god at a time.

Following a god is an alternative to the guild system. You are free to worship any god you like and join their fellowship no matter which guild your in.


Different Gods

Up to date there is only one really confirmed god which is the "God of Teleportation".

God of Teleportation
You'll become the God of Teleportation by exploring more of Eyrda in a week than the other players. As the God of Teleportation you'll be able to teleport yourself to any location on the map and also teleport other players to your position. It's not sure yet how this feature will be balanced. Maybe one has to accept the teleportation request before actually being zapped away.

God of War
Probably the player with the most PVP-kills.

God of Communication
The most talkative player might become the God of Communication, able to talk to anyone in the game no matter where or what they are.

God of Love