"This is a dungeon where you will load into your OWN copy of the dungeon with your group. Only you and your group will be in your copy of the dungeon. Another group that enters the same area will enter their own copy of the dungeon."

Source: MMOGlossary

Instances are common throughout the MMO World and are - as described above - areas which are separated from the remaining game world. In Forsaken World you need to be part of of a group (also called squad or party) to enter one. Every time a group enters an instance a new copy of that particular instance is being generated. So two groups can't enter the same instance.



In Forsaken World a Squad/Group/Party consists of max. 6 Members and is lead by a Squad Leader. He can invite and kick members and also can set the loot options. To invite somebody into a new or existing squad you select your target, hit "E" to open the Basic Skills Panel and press the "Invite to Squad" button.

Not only the party leader can kick people but everyone in the squad. Before somebody can actually be kicked out of a squad, the leader and the remaining members have to agree. Otherwise that person remains in group.


Enter an Instance

To enter an instance you have to register yourself for that particular instance. You can do that by hitting "T" to open the "Party Settings". Then you select the instance you want to visit and press "Start" on the bottom.

Now you have to search the Entrance NPC which teleports you into the instance. There are no Portals or Instance Entrances in Forsaken World which you might be used to from other games. If the Squad Leader enters the instance you can decide if you want to be teleported with him into the instance. This feature works with you anywhere on the map.

In Forsaken World instances are limited to a certain number of entrances per day. For example you can enter Fort Rotulor only 5 times per day.


Existing Instances

  • Fort Rotulor (15+)
  • Emperor's Canyon (20+)
  • Lost Lighthouse (30+)


Instance Guides

A list of all relevant Instance Guides.

Fort Rotulor


Emperor's Canyon

Emperor's Canyon (20+ instance)

Lost Lighthouse

Lost Lighthouse (aka LH)