Items play a major role in every MMORPG including Forsaken World. They carry different attributes that improve the base stats of your char. Furthermore they change the appearence of character. Every item is graphically shown on the body of the char. Because of that items are also prestige objects.


Item Properties

Items have a whole bunch of different properties that you have to consider before wearing one, but maybe the most important (and most obvious) is their rarity level. So far (Beta Phase I) there are only four different levels, but most likely more will be added.

But the rarity level is not the only property you have to consider. A green item can exceed the prize of a blue one if it's other properties are better. Those "other" attributes are:

Equipment Slot
This is pretty self explanatory. You can't equip shoes on your head (atleast not in Forsaken World).
Level Restriction
Every item has a minimum level you have to at least have to be able to equip it.
Class Restriction
Items can only be used by specific classes. An assassin belt can't be used by a priest for example.
Maybe the core of every item. This are the bonuses a item gives you by wearing it. E.g. Defense +10.
Refine Level
Refine Levels increase the basic attributes of an item. More about "Fortifying Gear" below.
Has the item already been identified? Identifying adds bonus "Identified Attributes" to an item. You need a Identifaction Scroll to be able to identify an item.
Set Items
Some items are part of a set. If you have more items of the same set you can access the bonus set attributes.
The durability of an item decribes its currents condition. If the durability drops, so do the item attributes. Items can be repaired at Blacksmiths.
Bond Types
How an item is bound to you also is an important aspect. More about "Bond Types" below.


Bond Types

There are many different types of how an item is bound to you.

Unable to sell
This particular item can't be sold to NPCs.
Unable to trade
You can't trade the item with other players.
Unable to dismantle
Detachers can't dismantle that item.
Item is bound to your character. Can't be traded or given away to other characters. It can't be dropped in PVP either.


Fortifying Gear

Fortifying Gear is a good method to enhance your gear. But every item has a max. refining level which can't be exceeded so you can't fortify them an unlimited amount of times.

To fortify an item you need at least one "Dim Star Debris" or one "Star Crystal". You also need to visit a Metalsmith to get the job done because he's the only you who's able to do it. After clicking on "Fortify Gear" in the Smith-Dialogue you can start fortifying away. But note that with every fortifying level the probability of a success drops. You can push it back up by using more Debris.


Embedding Gems

Like the "Fortify Gear" option, gems are another way to upgrade your items.

For embedding gems you need at least one free gem slot in the item you want to upgrade. Then visit the Blacksmith of your choice and let him embed it. Each gem increases the "color" of your equipment. If you reach a "color" value of 100 your character will get a pair of wings!