Guild Spotlight: Phoenix
by Decay,19/11/10
"Guild Spotlight" is a new weekly column on Forsaken World Tavern. It`s ment to introduce different guilds of Forsaken World to the players.
If you want your guild on the front page of Forsaken World Tavern you`ll have to:
- Create an appealing guild introduction in the Forsaken World Tavern forum.
- Write a PM to "Decay" using the forum or send your application to

We want to know what makes your guild special and why it should be on the Spotlight.

We can`t promise to feature every submission, but we try to.

Now meet Phoenix!

They have been around since Forsaken World was first introduced to the public.

"Welcome to Phoenix. We are a friendly, active group of gamers, who shares equal core values: Loyalty, Commitment, & Guild before self. We continue to improve ourselves and the guild through hard work, and respect. Each and everyone of us has a important role to fill to make Phoenix the best of all the guilds in Forsaken World. Please join us, and aid us in our goal!

Check the guys out and Let the Flames of Rebirth guide you...
Phoenix Guild Introduction

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