1 Day to Go & Beta Diaries
by Decay,23/11/10
Still 1 day to go until Closed Beta Phase 2 starts! Many players who didn`t get access to Phase 1 eagerly awaited this moment. The Phase 2 invitations are being sent today, so check your inbox. Fingers crossed!

Edit: The mails have been sent!

If something new begins, something also has to end. Today`s also the last day of Phase 1. How did you experience Forsaken World? What adventures did you endure? Did you like Forsaken World until now or didn`t you? Tell us!
We want your Beta Diaries. Write about your personal experiences and get featured in the "Articles" section. There are no length restrictions whatsoever. You can write as much as you want or as little as you want of course. Don`t forget to add your Forsaken World rating (0-5 stars).

You can send your Beta Diary to fwtavern@gmail.com. We look forward to it!

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