Phase 2 started & MMOsite: Reader`s Choice
by Decay,24/11/10
Today Forsaken World Closed Beta Phase 2 started. The keys you all were waiting for were sent out yesterday.
The second Phase is estimated to last about 3-4 weeks and after that it`s unclear if there will be a 3rd Phase or not.

Edit: Phase 3 & 4 just got announced by Crabclaw (Source)!

Many got disappointed and many others got in.
If the luck wasn`t on your side, don`t give up. Forsaken World is planned to be released around March 2011, which means Open Beta could start around January/February 2011.

Until then you can pass the time by browsing our forums and site. That way you can keep track of all FW News and be up to date when it`s time for you to enter Eyrda.

There`s also the Reader`s Choice Award by MMOsite going on right know. Go take a look and of course vote for Forsaken World as the "Most Anticipated MMO".

Link: MMOsite Reader`s Choice

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