Phase 3 announced!
by Decay,30/11/10
Forum Administrator Crabclaw just announced Forsaken World Closed Beta Phase 3! The start date was set to January 12th "at the latest". This means "depending on how things proceed for Phase 2 updates, this date could be substantially pushed forward."

Phase 3 also brings many new features:
- Level cap will be raised to 50
- New content will be enabled for lvls 40-50
- The cash shop/marketplace will be enabled
- Every player gets a great amount of credits to test said marketplace

Crabclaw also mentioned that the number of people with CB access will double(!) from now till then. So good chances for most of the denied CB applicants to finally get in game!

Keep in mind though, that after Phase 3 all the data is going to get wiped before starting with Phase 4.

Source: Official Forum

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