Forsaken World Mage & Phase 2 contest
by Decay,03/12/10
You probably remember the Protector Short that came out some time ago.
Forsaken World has just published a new one! This Short is all about the Mage. Frank Johnson, Community Manager, tells you why he would play one when Forsaken World comes out.

Link: Youtube

For those of you who didn`t get a Phase 2 invite here`s another chance of getting into Forsaken World`s Closed Beta:
Crabclaw has just announced that an entrance contest will be held next Monday. This is a forums only contest so keep an eye on the official forums over at PWE.
But don`t worry if you didn`t get a key in that contest. A second wave of invitations will be sent out just before Phase 3 begins (still for Phase 2).

Good Luck!

Source: Crabclaw

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