Tavern goes LIVE!
by Decay,13/12/10
At last the time has come: the beta is finally over and the Tavern goes live!

Since the Tavern started as a little side project of mine one month ago on November 14th many things have changed and site, content and community have grown.

First of all I want to thank my two great mods eternalechoes & Megurine for volunteering to run the forum and I also want to thank everybody who supported the Tavern, posted on the forum, sacrificed their time or reported an error. This project would have been way harder without all your help!
So THANKS again!

I also want to introduce a new member of the Tavern Staff who will support us as an editor: Relax . Say Hi! to him on the forum.

Having overcome the most difficult phase, the initial starting phase, we can continue with full throttle into the future!

Stay tuned and be sure to check by regularly since there are many great and cool things still planned for this site!

So long...
- Decay
Founder of the Forsaken World Tavern

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