Closed Beta Phase 2 & Protector Short
by Decay,14/11/10
Beta Phase 2 has just been announced! FW Forum Admin Crabclaw just set the date to November 24th.
With the launch of the second phase the level cap will be raised to 40 and a whole bunch of new dungeons, quests and professions will be unlocked. Soon the participants will be chosen and sent their own beta key to join the adventure. All Phase 1 participants will of course be able to continue to Phase 2. Furthermore there will be no Character Whipe which means you can continue playing your Phase 1 Chars.

You're thinking about playing a Protector? Then this Forsaken World - Short is what you need! [Youtube]
Shoko Bogen - Project Manager at Perfect World Entertainment shows you the tough Stoneman Protector!

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