Last Chance for Beta Phase 1 Keys & Priest Spotlight
by Decay,15/11/10
You didn`t get a key for the first Beta Phase? No problem! There`s maybe one last chance for you to enter it:

FW - Forumadmin Crabclaw announced that, if the following Forsaken World Video (Link) on Youtube gets 25k views until November 17th a third wave of beta keys will be sent out!
You heard it! Share the link and maybe you`re one of the lucky winners. (2 days and around 3,3k views to go)
Source: FW-Forum

Are you interested in playing a holy priest after/in the Beta? Resurrecting hundreds of players and always be the one who`ll get blamed for a whipe? Then the following Priest Spotlight is the right thing for you!

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