Character Creation


The first thing all new FW-Player see is the Character Creation. In there you can create your very own alter ego to roam Eyrda.

Like every MMORPG Forsaken World has a variety of races and classes but no different factions. All players belong to the same big community. Classes on the other hand are restricted to certain races. The Vampire for example can only be played by the Kindred or the Marksman by a Dwarf. For more detailed information on classes and races please visit the appropiate sections.

More Info about Classes and Races at: Classes and Races

Before you can customize the looks of your char you have to choose a race and class. By choosing a race you restrict yourself to classes available to it.

In the image on the left you can see a closeup of the selection menu. As mentionend before you can choose your race, gender and class. On the bottom of the menu is a brief description of the chosen class to help you decide.

There also is a "Micro-Meter" which shows you the difficulty level of each class. Three stars is a low difficulty level, whereas five stars represents a difficult class. For MMORPG beginners a low rated class such as the Mage is best suited. The more experience you have, the more stars you may choose. The assassins with five stars represents one of the most difficult classes to play which you can choose.

After deciding on your race and class it's time to give the character your personal touch! It's time for the look.

You can choose from many different faces the one you like most. Just use the slider and move it from left to right. Furthermore you can select some "Flair" which is facial decoration. Notice that the Flair items change depending on the selected face. At last you can choose a hairstyle and the hair color. The color can be chosen by altering the R, G, B sliders or choosing one of the preset colors. For the lazy ones or the ones who can't decide between two fancy Flair Items you can also push the "Random" button. This way the game generates you a random appearence.

The last step in the Character Creation process is setting the birthday and choosing a name. The birthday determines which zodiac sign your alter ego will have. You may consider more than one possible character name because it may be that yours is already taken by another player. Remember there can only be one nick per server.

CONGRATULATIONS! After finishing all three steps you've created your Forsaken World Character which you can use to dive into the game. If you want to play some other class/race you can simply create another one. One can have several chars per account.