By Foot

There are many ways in Eyrda to get form A to B but the most basic and common one is good ol' walkin'. In early levels it's the only way to get around and will remain a good alternative because it's free.



Trackstones are big blue crystals floating around the game world. At trackstones you can port to already visited areas which also have one. Furthermore you can set your recall point for your "Town Portal" at any Trackstone you run across.



Mounts are one of the better ways of transportation and riding a mount is considerably faster than walking.

You'll get your first mount at lvl 20 (which expires in 7 days) and after that you can buy new ones at your local Reputation Dealer. Mounts are also level restricted.



Another option you got to move through Eyrda is to approach a Teleporter NPC. They also can teleport you through the game world like Trackstones. In contrast to Trackstones, Teleporters charge a small fee.


Mount List

An incomplete (!) list of mounts:

Abyss Capricorn Name Abyss Capricorn Level 30 Speed 135% Race All Grades 1 - 2
Hell Beast Name Hell Beast Level 30 Speed 135% Race All Grades 1 - 2
Fierce Ancient Dragon Name Fierce Ancient Dragon Level 30 Speed 135% Race All Grades 1 - 2
Unicorn Name Unicorn Level 50 Speed 150% Race Elf Grades 1 - 2
Giant Purgatory Rhinoceros Name Giant Purgatory Rhinoceros Level 50 Speed 150% Race Stoneman Grades 1 - 2
Fast Short Foot Horse Name Fast Short Foot Horse Level 50 Speed 150% Race Human Grades 1 - 2
Soul Devourer Beast Name Soul Devourer Beast Level 50 Speed 150% Race Vampire Grades 1 - 2
Mechanical Jumper Name Mechanical Jumper Level 50 Speed 150% Race Dwarf Grades 1 - 2