Wings of Light



One of many interesting features Forsaken World will have is the possibility to add wings to your character.

Every race has its own wing design. That means human wings will differ from kindred wings. They will also have different levels, with 3 being the highest.

Wings of Light will probably grant their carriers special buffs or enhance their attributes. But until now there's nothing known about possible buffs.


How to activate wings

In order to get wings the glossiness of your armor has to reach 100. By achieving this goal the wings will be activated.

To raise the glossiness of your gear you'll have to embed gemstones into your armor. You can get gems by defeating bosses and collecting them from the loot or by completing quests.


Different Wings

In the beginning of this video you can see some of the many possible wings: link

Human Wings Race Human Variations 1 - 2
Elven Wings Race Elf Variations 1 - 2 - 3
Stoneman Wings Race Stoneman Variations 1 - 2
Kindred Wings Race Kindred Variations 1 - 2
Dwarf Wings Race Dwarf Variations 1 - 2