World Bosses



Unlike instance bosses world bosses roam the normal game world. They aren't bound to instanced areas. Therefore you don't have to be in a group to get to them and you can literally stumble across them and get yourself killed, if you don't watch your steps.


Known World Bosses

An incomplete (!) list of known World Bosses:

Earth Military Governor Name Earth Military Governor Level 13 Squad 10-20 Spawn Kalaires Plain - Bonespear Encampment
Blood Claw Xiao Name Blood Claw Xiao Level 16 Squad 10-20 Spawn Kalaires Plain - Bloodclaw Encampment
Shadow Thief Name Shadow Thief Level 23 Squad 20-30 Spawn Mausoleum of Glory
Irontooth King Name Irontooth King Level 26 Squad 20-30 Spawn River Bank
Scorpion King Name Scorpion King Level 30 Squad 30-40 Spawn Wind Ridge
Khonem Attendant Name Khonem Attendant Level 33 Squad 30-40 Spawn South of City of Oblivion
Demon Marshal Name Demon Marshal Level 36 Squad 30-40 Spawn Vader Tears
Desert Bandit Chief Name Desert Bandit Chief Level 40 Squad 30-40 Spawn Fans of Light Holes
Desert Bandit Chief Name Fear Chestnut Gladiator Level 46 Squad 40-50 Spawn God of War Soul of the Arena
Abyss Nightmare Name Abyss Nightmare Level 46 Squad 40-50 Spawn Hope Valley
Naga Lord Name Naga Lord Level 50 Squad 50-60 Spawn Sunshine Coast
Double-Headed Giant Name Double-Headed Giant Level 50 Squad 50-60 Spawn Forging Gold Cave
Ghost of Betrayal Name Ghost of Betrayal Level 5? Squad 50-60 Spawn ???
Black Emirates Name Black Emirates Level 56 Squad 50-60 Spawn Tranquil Garden
Purgatory Medusa Name Purgatory Medusa Level 56 Squad 50-60 Spawn Bad News Plateau


World Boss Guides

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